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The Black Homeschool Fair

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The Education System Treats Our fish like they are squirrels…


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The Black Child Agenda

Greetings family and sorry for the gap between posts, but I hope all is well 🙂

We’ve been in the process of securing a new venue for this year’s Teaching Our Own Black Homeschooling Fair and we really hope to have a date for you all in the next few weeks. thanks so much for your patience.

Today I’ll be doing a talk at The Black Child Agenda talk on “The Schools To Prison Pipeline” on homeschooling being a viable alternative.

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Saviour’s Day Djed Festival Sun 29th June – Free Family Fun Day

Teaching Our Own are proud to support:






Saviours Day Djed Festival 2014.A cultural extravaganza for the whole family

@The Bedfordshire FA Building, Century House, Skimpot Road, Dunstable, Beds, LU5 4JU
(Next to big Tesco, 5 mins drive from M1 Junction 11)

Sunday 29th June 2014
1 – 8pm

Admission FREE

Sponsored by 

The United Nuwaupians Worldwide (UK) would like to invite all positive people to join us, in our annual celebration to honour: 

H.E. Dr Malachi Z K York, known today as Paa Nabab Yaanuwn

Our master teacher and spiritual guide, who has written over 500 books, given us back our true language, culture, dress, dance and more.

He is the warner and reformer for this day and time, bringing us right knowledge, right wisdom and right overstanding on every subject under and beyond the sun.

On this family fun day, we’d love you to join us and enjoy:


  • A bouncy castle, children’s playground and face painting
  • Live musical entertainment from children & adults UK wide 
  • A cultural market with black owned businesses selling books, clothes, natural health products, posters and more
  • A delicious cultural Sunday dinner (£7 for large & £5 for small meals)
  • Talks on our Nuwaupian way of life from our student teachers*** For The First Time EVER In The UK***

    The Original Egiptian Masonic Order (OEMO) will perform a grand honour to our Sovereign Grand Commander Dr Malachi Z K York

    ***This is NOT TO BE MISSED***

Admission is absolutely FREE for all the family 

Stalls are available to hire by cultural businesses for just £25. First come first served, book yours now by emailing social@unwadmin.com for an application form.


Need Transport from London???

If you would like to book a seat on the coach from the All Eyes On Egipt Bookstore, 25 Brixton Station Road, Brixton SW9 to the Saviours day event in Luton on 29th June at 11am, please email your name to social@unwadmin.com and make the payment of £11 per seat to the following account

Name – Cornerstone 17

Bank – Natwest

Sort Code – 60 03 36

Account Number – 81306830

Reference – Coach for (Your Full Name)

The seats are available on a first come first served basis so please book early to avoid delay. The coach will leave Brixton at 11:30am sharp to reach Luton for 1pm. The coach will then leave Luton at 8:30pm and arrive back to London for 10:00pm


For more information email social@unwadmin.com 

Please Spread The Word & We’ll See You There

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The Black Child Agenda In Pictures and Video

Greetings Family



On Sunday 8th June 2014, a very active sister in the community named Cheryl Phoenix Henry held an event called The Black Child Agenda in the Heritage Inn, Cricklewood, North West London.

The event was to highlight the fact that our black youth are suffering at the hands of the british school system, in a way that their peers from other racial groups aren’t. We looked at the problems they faced and solutions to them.

I was asked to come down to speak on homeschooling as a possible solution that parents who were tired of the school system could consider. (See video above)




Even though it was held later in the day on a warn sunny Sunday evening, the event attracted close to 50 people, who listened intently to the speaker on the panel which included


* Cheryl Phoenix Henry – Purple Pages & UK Black Links  – Cheryl shared her families experiences with the education system, which labelled her son disruptive and even Autistic, isolating him from classes and targeting him for no apparent reason. Their story even ended up as the subject of a BBC news report on the subject.


* Fredi Kruga Nwaka – Film Producer and runs an organisation called CRIME – he shared his views on the situation with our youth, from his experiences of working with young people on the street and what he feels parents and the community should be doing to help our youth.


* Shakina Chinedu – Oxford University’s Religion, Culture & Race Advisor – Shakina gave us an inside view on the lives of black teachers and students in the prestigious Oxford University and gave advice on what parents can do to ensure their children reach the highest academic level possible, regardless of what their careers advisors would have them believe.


* Wayne Riley – Black Comic Creator – All Knights – Wayne shared with us why he started his black comic books, why he feels they are important for our youth and the benefits of creating sustainable businesses for our young people can enjoy the legacy of in the future.


* Abby Sonko – High School Teacher – Abby’s experience as a high school teacher enabled her to give us the specific flaws of the school system, actionable steps we can take to help our children while in school and even suggested what pupils can do to help themselves get through school.


* Davis Williams – Undilluted Xpressions – Davis’s light hearted motivational talk encouraged us to stop being so judgemental of our children, spend more time with them and offer help, assistance and encouragement to them as much as possible.


* Neil Myers – Raising Black Achievement – This very well put together presentation, cleverly demonstrated how important it is to protect and prepare our children before putting them into, what he referred to as “the harshest environment for black children” BRITISH SCHOOLS


* Myself, Leah Salmon – Teaching Our Own 🙂 – I spoke on the reason why homeschooling your children to any level (full time, part time or around their schooling) will allow you to fill the massive gaps in the education system, where are children aren’t taught their greatness, core moral values, their potential and high expectancy of achievement. Plus all the other joys homeschooling families enjoy. You can see a few minutes from the beginning of my talk in the video at the top of this post.


A few other familiar faces on the day were

Denise & Flo from Positive Image Project

Rijole from ATL Learning Centre

Melanie Hibbert from Primary Learning Centre

& we enjoyed a performance from spoken word artist Shakara from BesKeptSecret


Here are some pictures from the event


Cheryl Phoenix Henry and !




Flo from Positive Image Project


Freddi Kruga




Shakara from Bes Kept Secret




My talk



Neil Mayers from Raising Black Achievement




Me again




Abby Sonko



Shakara and I


As usual, some of the best discussion happened after the event finished as we mingled and made connections with each other and discussed the issues and solutions raised further.


Cheryl has promised that she’d hold the event again later in the year, so we’ll keep you posted on that


Well done to all the speakers and attendees for making the event what it was and we look forward to letting you know about our next event booked for around October 2014 too, exciting times!!!

Please remember to use the box on the right of this page to follow this site by simply entering your email address, so you can keep up to date with what we’re doing and sharing


Take Care Family



Teaching Our Own



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The Black Child Agenda Sun 8th June 2014



Greetings family


I hope you’ve all been well since the last time we posted 🙂 

This sunday 8th June, we’ve been invited to come and join the panel at an event called 

The Black Child Agenda 

To speak on the benefits of homeschooling our children

The organiser, a powerful sister called Cheryl Phoenix Henry writes of the event: 


“We know there is a serious issue with our children within the education system, things over the years have not changed much, our Boys are being put on ADHD tablets, being permanently excluded, teachers have admitted to deliberately marking down their work as they have little or no expectation of them. How do parents arm themselves with the correct knowledge and information to challenge institutional racism? This event will arm parents and carers with the right support knowledge and information around our children within the education system. We have some experienced speakers who will give you tools to challenge and work with the systems our children are apart of. David Gilmore professor of Education; from the Institute of Education has been quoted as saying. ” Racism at every single aspect has been proven to be institutional within the education system. Sometimes racism is crude and obvious and sometimes its subtle. We know that it is at times written into the design of assessments and written throughout the curriculum. It is also written in the way assessments are delivered in such a way that the Black child will rarely ever be able to achieve the desired results in a test”.

With Shocking facts such as these, who do parents turn to for support if their child is facing exclusion? Who will give you male support and role models for your son? Who will support and give advice to your daughter as they grow? This event will not only give you the issues, we will have a frank and open dialog about this. However we need solutions, we need change, we need to care and we need to know how to get the best out of our children… remember They are watching OUR actions.


We’d love to see you all there at

Heritage Inn

301 Cricklewood Broadway, NW2 6PG London, United Kingdom

from 5:30 – 8:30pm


To find out more about the event you can call 07856 473 039 or visit https://www.facebook.com/events/723247697733351/ 


Take care family 


Teaching Our Own Team


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Thank You So Much – Pics and Video from 3rd May


Yesterday was an overwhelming success!!!

We want to say a huge thank you for everyone that came and supported us.

The speakers did a great job to motivate, inform and inspire the crowd (who you can find at https://teachingourownuk.wordpress.com/talks-on-the-day/)

The exhibitors provided a whole host of amazing products (who you can find at- https://teachingourownuk.wordpress.com/exhibitors/)

Our brothers on security worked diligently – and they gave me a cool radio to run around with

The sisters in the kitchen, children’s area and door were amazing, working non stop all day and looking beautiful the whole day

The energy from the crowd made the day complete.

We’d like to also apologies for anyone who was unable to enter the talks room or the children’s room after a certain time, we really didn’t anticipate the response and but truly appreciated it, we will ensure we learn from this event to make the next one even better, so we can continue to support and serve you all as a community, no matter which city you came from (we had family there from Yorkshire, Kent, Birmingham and Luton to name a few)


Here’s a quick video I managed to take of Mark Simpson of Black History Studies’ talk on the benefits of homeschooling our children (more video footage coming soon)


I seem to have lost my camera, but here are a few pics I took on my phone and ones I’ve pinched from friends


Talks room


Talks room


Melanie Hibbert from the Primary Learning centre


Who’s Conscious board Game


Sandra Weeks with Osbourne Books



Synergy Soul Designs


Ten 2 Teen Magazine


Tyrone Of Conscious Prints


Nature of Nafasi


Jaan’s Jewellery


Author Christelle Kedi


Shining Life with Rosalyn and Mello Bee


Valentina from My Book Basket from Birmingham


Denise from Positive Image Project




Mark & Charmaine Simpson from Black History Studies with me



Charmaine Simpson with Nature & Kellis at their stall



Mark’s talk on the benefits of homeschooling




My talk on homeschooling primary school years



We are already making plans for more fairs throughout the country, so please follow this site so you’ll find out they are.

We’d love to hear from you too, in the comments below, please share with us your thought from the day. 

Much love and speak to you soon


Teaching Our Own



Parking and Travel To Teaching Our Own

tube parking bus

Greetings family,

Thanks to the guest who called us today to remind us to add travel and parking info to the site!!!

Here’s a map of the building


Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 16.40.24

 The full address is 280 St Ann’s Road, South Tottenham, London, N15 5BN


We’re the dot in the big green square to the left of the image, with Seven Sister & South Tottenham stations to the right.


Buses: 67 (from Seven Sister’s station) & 341 (from Manor house Station) stop just outside the building on St Ann’s Road


Tube – Seven Sister’s Station on the Victoria Line and South Tottenham Station is on the Overground.


Parking – At present, there is only pay and display parking on all surrounding roads which is £2 per hour.

Haringey Council are unwilling to offer a reduced pay and display rate, even though they admit this event will benefit the community, very disappointing. if you can use London transport, I recommend you do so.


If we become aware of another parking alternative, we’ll let you know


See you tomorrow



Teaching Our Own


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Interview On Station FM With DJ Caz

Check out my interview with Dj Caz on Station FM on Wed 30th April 2014 speaking on the fair


With just 2 days to go, you can still get your tickets now at http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/teaching-our-own-the-black-homeschooling-fair-tickets-11163340853

Take care and see you there



Teaching Our Own

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19 Reasons To Come To Teaching Our Own

Greetings family


After weeks of planning, promotion and prayers that we could pull it off, we are now just 3 days away from the big day and as excited as ever to bring this day to you.

The aim of the event is to empower, motivate and encourage parents to become more involved with their children’s learning to any degree, whether that’s full time homeschooling, part time homeschooling or just doing a lot more with your children around their schooling.

On the day we are doing our best to make sure the talks, products and services featured can help your homeschooling journey as much as possible and we hope this is enough of a reason for you to come, but in case you need a few more reasons to venture out of your house to hangout with us on the day, here are 19 more:




1. Children  16yrs and under are free and there’ll be fun activities for them in the children’s room plus you can take them to run around in the adventure playground outside between talks too

2. If you’ve always wanted to do more with your children around their schooling but didn’t know where to start, come and get some ideas

3. Catch Julian Hall The Ultrapreneur, international speaker, serial entrepreneur, Teaching Our Own sponsor, my big brother and our host for the day


4. You’ll be supporting all the black owned businesses that are supporting us on the day, including 2 homeschooled children who are selling their products on the day.

5. If you wanted to find out about the legalities of keeping your child at home, the process of removing them from school and what to do with them once they are at home, you’ll find it all and more on the day, with a talk from long time home educator Lexy O’Reily.

6. As good as any school teacher is, it can be almost impossible for them to cater for the unique and individual academic, mental, social and emotional needs of every child in their care.

7. Schools are ill equipped to cater for the cultural needs of children of African and Caribbean descent. You can learn more about how you can do this at the fair

8. We know very little about the teachers we leave our children with all day, we barely get 1 hour alone with them to find out anything about them personally before entrusting our children with them, therefore it’s very important that we spend time with our children after

9. Ten 2 Teen magazine will be there selling their fun empowering an informative magazine


10. Unlock the genius in your children with the CD- Rom from The Primary Learning Centre exhibiting on the day


11. You’ll hear from our sponsors Mark Simpson of Black History Studies on the benefits of homeschooling black children


12. You’ll get to play chess with our sponsor Richard Weekes from the Richard Weekes Chess Academy


13. You’ll get to hear me talk on homeschooling primary school children and Florence Walker speak on her experience homeschooling her 5 teenagers through secondary school and beyond.  I’ll also be selling my books Growing Whole Food Children and Leah’s Raw Food Feast too

Raw food feast cover  GWFC-book



14. You’ll get to hear from and ask questions to a panel of homeschooled families and parents, sharing their stories and reasons for homeschooling

15. We’ll be raffling so very cool prizes from out exhibitors and supporters

16. There’ll be educational posters, cultural toys, books, games and other resources for you to browse

17. They’ll be african and beaded jewellery, natural health products and clothes to treat yourself to, including cultural educational t-shirts from The Positive Image Project



18. We’ll have a free resource table full of information sheets, samples lessons, flyers and leaflets of more products and services that can help your homeschooling journey

19. Our sisters are REALLY good cooks, if you don’t come and partake of the delicious foods on sale, I may end up with quite a stomach ache from eating it all myself 🙂


We are working hard every day to make this a day you’ll remember and benefit from for a long time to come so get your tickets now and we’ll see you on a few days


Buy your tickets NOW from https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/teaching-our-own-the-black-homeschooling-fair-tickets-11163340853


Take care


Teaching Our Own